Travis Childers claims ‘stimulus’ is working

Representative Travis Childers (D-Mississippi) says he does not regret voting for the bill in February. “I think that the stimulus is helping; I think it is working,” he shares. “I don’t know how to grade it on a scale, but I can tell you Mississippi would have certainly been in a terrible condition without the monies from it.”

“Let me say this — the Recovery Act wasn’t intended to be a save-all, cure-all legislation,” says the Blue Dog Democrat. “It was intended to get this economy jumpstarted, and that’s what I think it’s doing. And I think we will continue to see positive results from it.”

Although the White House promised the national unemployment rate would not exceed 8 percent under the stimulus, the rate currently stands at 9.4 percent — a figure that does not include Americans who are underemployed or work part-time.

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