Travis Childers in a commercial as a Dem. who voted no

Showing new signs of life after the embarrassing debacle in New York’s 23rd Congressional District, U.S. Rep. Pete Sessions and the National Republican Congressional Committee are already pounding some senior Democrats whose vote in favor of Nancy Pelosi’s healthcare package may make then vulnerable at the next election.

In new ads designed to run in North Dakota, Arkansas and South Carolina, the committee is raising the issue of the votes Democrats Earl Pomeroy, Vic Snyder and John Spratt cast in favor of Pelosicare by using the words of fellow Democrats who voted against it:

“The worst things we could do during a recession is raise taxes – and this bill does just that.” —Rep. Dan Boren, Democrat of Oklahoma

“… this big of a price tag in today’s economic climate… ” —Rep. Travis Childers, Democrat of Mississippi

“… there is too much new spending in this bill…” —Rep. Chet Edwards, Democrat of Texas

“… this bill will not reduce long-term costs.” —Rep Bobby Bright, Democrat of Alabama

U.S. News and World Report