Today the NRCC, a la TMZ, caught Travis Childers walking around in DC and asked him for comment on his voting position on Obamacare.

His answer? Well, it really wasn’t one. Rep. Childers said everything but “nunyadambidness”.

Here’s the transcript of the encounter.

Questioner: You doing alright today sir?

Childers: Yes I am.

Questioner: I just wanted to get your opinion about the healthcare vote that’s going to come up. How you feeling about that?

Childers: Well, I’ll let you know when it comes to a vote.

Questioner: Well, how do you feel about the bill as it is now? Or the bills, I should say…

Childers: [SILENCE]

Questioner: No opinion yet, sir?

Childers: Well, I do, but not one I’m willing to share with you.

Questioner: Okay. Well, thank you, sir. Have a great day.

Childers, who just picked up a very real opponent in the form of State Senator Alan Nunnelee (R-Tupelo), has been very evasive about his health care position. “Blue Dog” Democrats have been falling off the Obamacare bandwagon, but Childers seems to have evaded any sort of official position that he could be tied to. His spokeswoman, Dana Edelstein, has spoken for him about healthcare in multiple forums basically leaving the impression that Childers is hopeful that the ultimate bill passes his muster, but leaving no real indication about his support one way or the other.

The ultimate direction of Obamacare plus Childers vote for the Federal Stimulus Program will ultimately be fodder for the 2010 cycle.

Childers’ response, or lack thereof, lies in stark contrast to that of fellow Democrat MS-04 Rep. Gene Taylor.

His response? “I can assure you at this point someone could put a gun to my head . . . i’m not voting for this