Travis Childers will not make definitive statement on healthcare till it’s in final form

U.S. Rep. Travis Childers continues to have concerns about the affordability, process and mandates of any universal health care plan put before Congress, a spokesperson said Wednesday.

Dana Edelstein said Childers, while supportive of health care coverage for all Americans, would not make a fully definitive statement on his position until the final form of a proposed bill is known.

Childers, in his first full term from the 1st District, is a member of the Blue Dog Coalition of conservative Democrats in the U.S. House which has raised objections to some elements of the health care overhaul proposed by President Obama and the Democratic leadership.

Edelstein said Childers was a signatory to two recent letters expressing serious reservations about some of the health care proposals under consideration but not finally included in a bill set for a vote.

Daily Journal