Travis Rose campaigns for PSC in Picayune on Wednesday

PICAYUNE — Travis Rose, 30, of St. Martin near Ocean Springs, GOP candidate for Public Service Commissioner, Southern District, is running against incumbent Republican Leonard Bentz of Biloxi, and Rose says he is not sure even how much the job pays. He campaigned Wednesday in Picayune.

“I think its $70,000 to $80,000 a year. Not bad for a job where you meet only two times a month. I know it used to pay $47,000 but the commissioners had friends in the State Legislature who gave them a raise,” says Rose. “But I am not running for the money.”

Rose, who works in the telecommunications industry for MassTec, says it is not easy running against Bentz. First, he says, you have to explain to voters just what it is that the PSC does.

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