Former US Senator from Mississippi Trent Lott endorses Thad Cochran

Lott: “every time we’ve needed him and called on him, he’s been there”

In a new radio ad playing in South Mississippi, former US Senator Trent Lott talks about the pivotal leadership provided by Senator Thad Cochran in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and how Cochran has always been there when Mississippi needed him.

Lott says in the ad:

This is Trent Lott. It was my honor to serve Mississippi in the United States Senate and work alongside Thad Cochran.

Thad’s up for reelection next Tuesday, and I’m proud to support him.

Together we supported ship building at Ingalls, and fishing along the Coast. We worked together for Keesler Air Force Base, the Stennis Space Center and job creation throughout all of South Mississippi.

After Katrina devastated the Coast, Thad knew what to do. He provided pivotal leadership to make sure we could rebuild our lives and our children could go back to school.

I know that Thad loves Mississippi. And every time we’ve needed him and called on him, he’s been there.

That’s why the National Right to Life, and the NRA, both endorsed him for reelection.

Whether it’s fighting Obama’s liberal policies, or protecting South Mississippi, Thad knows what to do and how to do it.

I urge you to tell your family and friends to vote for Thad on Tuesday, June the Third. We need a big turnout to keep him working for all of us.

The ad is paid for by Mississippi Conservatives and can be heard online here: