Trent Lott opens up about the government shutdown

Former Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott was in Biloxi Tuesday to speak at the Southern States Energy Board. But before he spoke about energy, Lott told the crowd he had to address the elephant in the room and talked about the government shutdown.

“What we need in Washington now is strong leadership from top to bottom, it begins at The White House,” Trent Lott said, “President Obama needs to engage, needs to sit down.”

Lott served in the House and Senate for nearly 35 years and admits it was not always easy.

“When I was Senate majority leader and Bill Clinton was president, we met all the time. Did we have a nice easy time? No. We had a lot of disagreements, but we found a way to reach an agreement we thought was good for the country,” Lott said.

In 1995, Lott was the majority whip in the Senate when there was a 21 day government shutdown, and he was against it then, too.