Trump’s Twitter feed traumatizes Washington

“A lot of our allies are very nervous about whether they can count on us,” said Trent Lott, a former Republican senator, now a lobbyist in Washington. “And a lot of our enemies now feel like they have a way in.”

He added: “The tweets unnerve me. I see how you can use that to go around and over the traditional media and how many people get his tweets. But it unnerves me because I’m kind of old school. I don’t put anything in writing that I don’t know who is going to see it.”

Lott said Washington tended to get much more done when people weren’t embarrassed. “I prefer to communicate with a wink and nod,” Lott continued. “I am an advocate of smoke-filled back rooms — I was very much an advocate over the years, the old conference committee meetings. That’s where I used to tell my colleagues, ‘We’ll fix it there.’”