Trent Lott weighs in on Romney campaign

Also cropping up for the first time are told-you-so suggestions that Romney should have engaged in a more forward-leaning campaign during the fall, to lock down the Republican nomination when his opposition was still scattered.

“I have disagreed with his strategy,” said former Senate GOP Leader Trent Lott, an early Romney backer who has helped him raise money. “I think he could’ve closed the deal out before now. He’s run a little too much of a risk-averse campaign. I would have liked for him to have had a higher profile, been more aggressive — so it didn’t wind up as Romney and one other.”

Now that such a binary choice appears increasingly likely, some high-profile Romney contributors think it’s time to get tough with the former House speaker.

“I think he ought to be a little bit more aggressive now and much more aggressive shortly after the first of the year,” said Ted Welch, one of the country’s top Republican donors and Romney’s Tennessee co-chairman.