Tuberville likely to return to Auburn, but should he?

This was the week a year ago that Tommy Tuberville took his infamous duck hunting trip to Arkansas. Today, assuming the reports are accurate, he will be retained for an 11th year. The head coach will be dealing with ducks again — as in unofficially becoming a lame duck at Auburn.

Whether Tuberville deserves a mulligan for this appalling 5-7 season and 36-0 cataclysmic loss in the Iron Bowl is open for spirited debate. Considering the respect he has brought the school over the period — to say nothing of the difficult job for school officials to pay his $6 million buyout and find a suitable replacement — many feel it is the right decision.

But it doesn’t change the fact Tuberville could be a dead man walking. It doesn’t change the fact this program is a train wreck that nothing short of a government bailout could probably save.