Tuberville’s confident; is it enough?

AUBURN – Tommy Tuberville strolls casually into his post-practice interview, apologizing for making reporters wait.
His sly smile lets everyone know he’s not really sorry. It quickly becomes obvious the apology is an excuse to let them know while they were waiting, he was eating banana pudding.
If this is a coach whose job is on the line, whose future depends on the outcome of what happens Saturday afternoon in Tuscaloosa, you’d never know it to look at him.
Tuberville is relaxed, joking with reporters, even hanging around after finishing the round of questions and answers about Auburn’s practice to swap stories about past teams, past games, past experiences.

He’s not the only one who seems to be at ease around this Auburn football program this week. Tuberville says the players are “having fun in practice. … For the first time in a while I have seen smiles on guys’ faces, out in practice running around with an extra step and a lot more jump.”