Tuesday eye-opener: What makes Shanahan the guy in D.C.?

Good morning.

One of the upsides of firing your coach before sunrise is that you avoid the embarrassment of him crossing paths with his replacement.

The paint had barely been scraped off Jim Zorn’s parking space before the Washington team jet was coming in from Denver.

The Huddle: Mike Shanahan is in D.C. and it isn’t to see the monuments.

The most shocking development in the NFL this week will be if Shanahan is not signed by the ‘Skins before the weekend and his son Kyle does not join the staff.

Clifton Brown of Sporting News has already drawn up a checklist for the new guy.

But for all the giddiness by fans of the team there is still the question of whether Shanahan is the guy?

Why will he work out better than the previous six guys owner Daniel Snyder has hired?

Certainly his curriculum vitae shouts success. Two-time Super Bowl winners don’t grow on coaching trees.