Two Hinds County offices have new leaders

Supervisors on Monday in a 4-1 vote selected Permit and Zoning Director Jimmie Lewis to take over the county’s Emergency Operations Center.

In another vote, they selected Assistant Hinds County Attorney Sherri Flowers as the county’s top prosecutor.

The EOC director coordinates the county’s response to natural and man-made disasters and answers directly to the Board of Supervisors. Currently, the director has been actively involved in updating the county’s emergency weather sirens.

But Lewis, who will earn $65,400 a year in salary, said his first act will be to analyze the needs and structure of the EOC.

“There could be some improvements,” he said. “Right now, it’s too early to tell. Once we get in place, I’ll have to evaluate (the department).”

District 2 Supervisor Doug Anderson led the charge for Lewis’ nomination.