Tyrone Ellis – Rural Mississippi “not ready” for charter schools

WEST POINT, Miss. — Your child’s chance at a different education choice in charter schools has passed the Mississippi Senate and House, but House Democrat Minority Leader Tyrone Ellis does not think rural Mississippi is ready for charter schools.

“It can happen in Chicago, it can happen in Harlem, it can happen in places where you have that type of population density, but rural Mississippi is not ready for that. Rural Mississippi is wide open, a mass land all over the place. You are going to miss and you’ll have children falling through the crack,” said Ellis at a Legislative Breakfast in West Point.

“You are going to go and you are going to cherry pick and pick the best ones that have a higher grade level, and they are going to be placed in charter schools. The ones that really need it like with the lottery, what you are talking about, that will never happen.”

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