From the Y’allPolitics Memory Division, we’ve documented the fundraising woes of the United Conservatives Fund. In Mississippi, it’s been a handful of donors.

But did you also know that the UCF had a Federal PAC? They do. They formed it up early this year. So far, they’ve raised, in the immortal words of Dean Wormer, “Zero . . . point . . . zero“.

While “calling his shot” in February when the UCF launched . . .

“If we can get just a thousand people to contribute, say $50 a month, that is $50,000 a month to spread the word of conservatism,” said McDaniel.

In addition to spreading the message through paid advertisements, the PAC funds will go to pay a paid full-time staff as well as supporting local candidates both financially and through endorsements.

That’s $600,000 per year they were talkin’. Pretty heady stuff. The truth is they’re having trouble getting a few dozen people to contribute $50/month. As of June, their intake for the year was $16K and they’d spent about half of that already.

In a once-in-every-four year cycle, this is when you raise money and help candidates. This is when you endorse candidates. This is when you move the needle for a “conservative revolution”. This is when you have impact. They talked big early about evaluating, endorsing and funding candidates, but it’s been a big fat nothin’ that has happened so far.