UGA wins bowl game, just not one they wanted

Orlando — It was a play befitting a postseason game in this state in the month of January. One Georgia star threw the ball and the other caught it for the clinching touchdown, and in that moment we were reminded how gifted Matthew Stafford and Knowshon Moreno truly are.
Alas, it was the wrong bowl in the wrong city on the wrong date, and this game didn’t yield a BCS title but just another halting victory in a strangely indifferent season. And if it was the last big play either make as amateurs — the belief here is that it was — their valedictory wasn’t accompanied by a blare of trumpets but by one leather-lunged fan standing outside the interview area.

“Matty Stafford!” the man kept yelling. “You’re going to the Cincinnati Bengals, Matty!”