UGA would be foolish to hire Knight

Bobby Knight has won more games than any men’s coach ever, but the unfortunate reality is that he has done it while acting like a little boy. That’s why, to me, he’ll always be “Bobby” Knight, not the more grown-up “Bob” he prefers. At 68, he’s still a brat.
We see it again now. Knight has let it be known he wants to coach Georgia, but according to Furman Bisher’s “mutual friend,” “he doesn’t want it to look like he’s pursuing the job.” Sad to say, that remains the Knight way.

He considers himself above the process, above the sport itself. He’s in it for Knight and his legacy. He would use Georgia the way he used Texas Tech — to win a few more games and draw a hundred more huzzahs from his amen corner on ESPN, and then he’d wake up on the wrong side of the bed and decide he’d rather go off and kill some animals.