MASE/CWA State President Brenda Scott has authorized the Luckett campaign to release the following statement on her behalf:

The Mississippi Alliance of State Employees/CWA is proud to announce our endorsement of Bill Luckett, Democratic candidate for governor of the great state of Mississippi. Bill Luckett is committed to promoting and supporting the needs of state employees and other public employees along with the needs of all Mississippi teachers. We know that Bill will defend and protect the integrity of the state Personnel Board and will stand up to those who would weaken the Mississippi Public Employees Retirement System (PERS). Bill Luckett is standing up for state and local government employees, state retirees and teachers, and we are standing up with him.

The Mississippi Alliance of State Employees/CWA, Local 3570, is a voice for state, City of Jackson and the Mississippi Action for Progress Head Start workers. We are not newcomers to the political scene. We know how valuable it is to have a friend of working people like Bill Luckett in the governor’s office. This means having someone in office that is honorable, trustworthy and says what he means and means what he says. Bill Luckett will be that kind of governor.

For the last eight years under the Barbour/Bryant administration, there has been a constant attack on public employees’ due process rights, health insurance benefits, and pensions and job security. Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant has said that if he is elected to office there will be a smooth transition–more of the same–and that is what scares the Hell out of our public employees and retirees.
MASE/CWA has concluded that we must support Bill Luckett, based upon his willingness to represent all the citizens of Mississippi and not just a few. We encourage all current, former and future public employees, retirees and their families and friends–indeed, all working people in Mississippi–to join with us behind the candidate for governor who will defend and support our best interests: vote for Bill Luckett on August 23 and again on November 8.

Bill Luckett Press Release