Unveiling the Mailbag Crush, my surprise teams for ’08 and more

We all know there are few subjects in a reader’s life more important than college football … but there’s at least one within this particular audience that merits bumping football off the front page of the Mailbag one week a year.

Don’t let us down with the Mailbag Crush, Stewart. Gas is $20 a gallon, milk is $18 a gallon and Mike Myers made a crappy movie. This country needs some good news, and you’re the man to give it to us with a great Crush selection. This better be a Michael Jordan pick and not a Fredric Weis or Darko Milicic.
— Dwight, Atlanta
If this were in fact the NBA draft, I’d be the GM licking his chops right now knowing I just pulled off a huge late-round steal. Loyal Mailbag readers, say hello to your 2008 Celebrity Crush, Kaitlin Olson.
For those of you who don’t recognize her (and I assume there are many), Kaitlin plays “Sweet Dee” on the raucously funny, utterly inappropriate FX comedy It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, a show that’s been aptly described as “Seinfeld on crack.” (Here’s a short clip that’s fairly typical of the show’s humor.)