State Rep. Baria sues PAC over campaign attack ads

State Rep. David Baria has filed a lawsuit against the Advance Mississippi Political Action Committee over what he said were libelous campaign attack ads.

Baria, D-Bay St. Louis, filed the suit in Hancock County Circuit Court against the PAC, which sent out mailers in his race against Republican Dorothy Wilcox, who isn’t named as a defendant. The mailers were handled via a third party, and the suit also names it and up to 10 “John Doe” defendants, which refers to any “individuals, corporations, or organizations” that have roles in the matter.

Baria, an attorney who is being represented in this case by Anders Farrington of Jackson, seeks compensatory damages to be determined at trial.

“If you let this go, the next time an election cycle comes around,” Baria said, “it’s going to get worse because they feel like they’ve pushed the envelope and nobody held them accountable so they’ll push the envelope further.”

Sun Herald