Today was the MSGOP convention in Jackson. Just a few early notes.

Generally, the convention went smoothly. Leadership had its delegates well-organized from the county conventions.

First and most notably, former State Senator Melanie Sojourner tried to lead a coup of sorts. After weeks of ranting on the “Facebooks”, in the third district caucus, she moved to dissolve the caucus and move into a “committee of the whole” with the goal to challenge the slate. Her motion was ruled as out of order, but not before substantial gnashing of teeth. Lots of ranting and raving signifying nothing. Those watching characterized her effort as “pretty pathetic” and “poorly thought through”.

Henry Barbour and Jeanne Luckey were re-elected as National Committee Members. Joe Nosef retained his spot as Chair of the Mississippi GOP.

More on the official lists of delegates when it is officially released.