There’s been a lot since the original filing of this lawsuit last July as it plods through Chancery Court. A number of parents, coalesced and represented by the Southern Poverty Law Center, have filed a lawsuit seeking to invalidate Mississippi’s Charter School Law on constitutional grounds. Now that hundreds of inner city kids are now ensconced in those schools, the SPLC lawsuit, if successful, could remove hundreds of kids out of the school of their choice.

SPLC is represented primarily by Will Bardwell, son of Patsy Brumfield, who spearheaded the Initiative 42 fight.

There is a good bit of information in the file, but we’ve extracted the most relevant portions of the case file just so that folks interested in Charter Schools can stay up to speed.

Here is the SPLC brief for summary judgment and their subsequent memorandum of support.

SPLC Motion for Summary Judgment/Memo to wipe out charter schools in Mississippi by yallpolitics on Scribd

Here are the motions for summary judgment from both the charter schools and a group of parent intervenors opposed to the SPLC lawsuit.

MS Charter Schools and Parent Intervenors Motion for Summary Judgment against SPLC lawsuit by yallpolitics on Scribd

Finally, here is the brief filed by Governor Phil Bryant and the MS Dept. of Education that opposes the SPLC lawsuit.

Governor Phil Bryant's Brief in SPLC lawsuit by yallpolitics on Scribd