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Verona–On Friday, July 28, Ken Hurt, the Democratic nominee for the First Congressional District, announced a lawsuit against Republican Rep. Roger Wicker for violations of the Contract with America that Wicker signed on Sept. 27, 1994.

Wicker was one of 300 Republican candidates who signed the document. They rallied behind the slogan, “If we break this contract, throw us out.” Hurt said he believes the people of the First Congressional District should do exactly what Wicker asked them to do ? THROW HIM OUT!

“Roger Wicker signed a contract with the people of his district that he would seek term limits for himself, that he would seek term limits for the Congressional leadership and that he would fight against corruption,” Hurt said. “While he may not have done much in Congress, Roger Wicker has certainly broken the contract he made with the good people of North Mississippi.”

Republicans in Congress like Wicker promised to bring about term limits for federal offices, such as limiting U.S. congressmen to just three terms of two years each or a total of eight years. Now, Wicker has become one of the career politicians he once said he wanted to drive out of Washington.

Roger Wicker broke the contract, so it’s time to throw him out!

Republicans in Congress like Wicker promised to limit the number of terms for Speaker of the House and committee chairmen in an effort to dilute the power of a very few lawmakers. But Wicker and Republicans in Congress voted to remove term limits on Speaker Dennis Hastert as well as powerful committee chairmen like Rep. David Dreier.

Roger Wicker broke the contract, so it’s time to throw him out!

Republicans in Congress like Roger Wicker promised to end the scandals in Washington, but now they are the very ones mired in the most damaging Congressional scandals of recent times.

Wicker has taken more than $15,000 from former Rep. Tom DeLay, who left Congress in the midst of a scandal, and others associated with DeLay and corrupt lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

Wicker also voted to weaken House ethic rules when asked to do so by DeLay. In fact, Wicker voted with DeLay an unbelievable 94 percent of the time.

Roger Wicker broke the contract, so it’s time to throw him out!

Hurt said he hopes his lawsuit will make Wicker answer to the broken promises he made to the people he was elected to represent. Hurt also believes that it is time the people of North Mississippi were once again represented by a man of honesty and integrity, a man who does not flippantly throw around his promises.

“The North Mississippians I know are hard-working, honest people who value a man’s word and honor,” Hurt said. “I believe when a man gives his word that he’s going to do something, then he ought to do it. And I believe when Roger Wicker said if he broke the agreement that we should throw him out that we ought to throw him out.”

Ken Hurt is a former political advisor and businessman who lives in Verona. He is a lifelong Mississippian. This is his first run for public office.

“I’m not the career politician who associates with corrupt leaders, the kind of man Roger Wicker once said he wanted to rid Washington of and now has become,” Hurt said. “I want to move past the broken promises and corruption and get to the business of the people.”

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