Upsets send polls into tailspin

What a crazy weekend it was in the zany world of football. It all started on Thursday night when the Trojans of Southern California took their arrogance to Corvallis, Ore., and got whacked by a giant Beaver tail.
I mean, it looks as if the lads from Southern California would understand that these Beavers have done them in be­fore, and would give Mike Riley and his crew a little more re­spect. After all, the Beavers knocked the Trojans off their pedestal two years ago in the same stadium.

And maybe this guy named Mike Riley knows a little about college football. After all, he did play for a pretty fair college football coach, Paul “Bear” Bry­ant. During Riley’s four years at The University of Alabama, the Tide won four SEC champi­onships and one national title.