Urban Meyer Leaving University Of Florida After Sugar Bowl

Running down the football field, you wonder if you can make it.

The man with the knife is fast, but so are you; you were on the track team in high school. Your legs are pounding away on the astro-turf, faster than you’ve ever gone before, in a frenzied effort to save your life.

Suddenly you feel a sharp pain in your back. The man threw the knife and landed a direct hit.

That’s when you wake up. It was a crazy dream, but it’s over, finished. Little do you know that another surprise is awaiting you in the real world, the “non-dream” world.

Urban Meyer has announced he is leaving the University of Florida.

Utter confusion comes over you. “Where will he go?”,”Why is he leaving?”,”What is he thinking?”, and “What the f#$*?”, are just some of the questions that through your mind.go

Then, and only then, does it hit you. Everything makes perfect sense. It is obvious why Urban Meyer would leave his National Championship team. In fact, it would be crazy if he didn’t.

There is a reason that every Florida fan should have seen and been worried about, but for some reason, we all missed it, even though it was incredibly obvious.

Here’s why.