Urban Meyer’s recruiting drought in Miami-Dade dies out

Urban Meyer is finally making headway in Miami-Dade County. The Florida Gators will likely sign at least three players from Dade on Wednesday.

GAINESVILLE — The long drought appears to be over.

For nearly five years, Florida football coach Urban Meyer hasn’t been able to pull any recruits out of Miami-Dade County. That trend will likely end on Wednesday, National Signing Day.

The University of Florida is putting together one of the best recruiting classes in the nation. That’s nothing new. The thing that’s different about this year’s crop of baby Gators is the recruiting class’ strong ties to Miami-Dade County.

Meyer has received three oral commitments from players at Miami-Dade high schools. If the commitments hold, the three will be the first freshmen scholarship players from Dade on the UF football team since safety Dorian Munroe in 2005.

Defensive end Lynden Trail and receiver Quinton Dunbar of Booker T. Washington and linebacker Gideon Ajagbe of Ransom Everglades are the Gators’ recruiting contingent from Dade. Florida has also received commitments from five players from Broward and Palm Beach counties.

Meyer and his coaching staff have pulled plenty of talented players from Broward and Palm Beach. Major Wright, Marcus Gilbert, Moses Jenkins, Bo Williams, Frankie Hammond Jr. and Deonte Thompson are some of the most recent players from those counties. While Meyer has created a foothold in Broward and Palm Beach, Florida’s coach wasn’t able to land any prospects from Miami-Dade. Until now.