Urban Meyer’s “Suspension” of Linbacker Brandon Spikes Sends Wrong Message

Let me set the scene for you.

All American linebacker, in a rivalry game, deliberately attempts to gouge the eyes of the opposing teams running back.

Fortunately, for all concerned, Brandon Spikes, the Florida Gator’s all American linebacker, was unsuccessful in his attempt to permanently injure Washuan Ealey, the Georgia running back in question.

Fortunately, indeed.

It goes without saying that emotions, especially in a rivalry game run high and sometimes players do things that they normally would never do otherwise.


And for his part, Brandon Spikes has shown remorse and said all the right things since the regrettable incident.

Brandon Spikes, who doesn’t have a history of dirty plays, should be forgiven.

But he also should be punished.

Maybe not suspended for the year, but punished nonetheless.

So what does Urban Meyer, the tremendous Florida Gator coach do?

He suspends Spikes for the opening half of the Gator’s next game against 2-7 Vanderbilt.

That’s right, a half.