U.S. News – Travis Childers one of many not so well known Dems being targeted

A string of bad polls for President Obama and the Democrats has the Republican Party smelling blood in the political pool. Already, some are predicting major GOP gains in the House and Senate when the November elections take place. But there are several high-profile politicians the Republicans are targeting both for election defeat or just embarrassment. To help follow the action this year, Whispers is highlighting the Top 10 on the GOP Most Wanted List. See a slide show of the most wanted.

10. A bunch of House members, few of whom are known nationally. Among the top targets: Reps. Harry Teague of New Mexico; Tom Perriello of Virginia; Mary Jo Kilroy of Ohio; Vic Snyder of Arkansas; Bobby Bright of Alabama; Travis Childers of Mississippi; Steve Driehaus of Ohio; Betsy Markey of Colorado; and Carol Shea-Porter of New Hampshire.

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