Roy Moore: What do Mississippi Republican leaders who supported him say?

Cochran, in a statement, said: “I condemn harassment in any form. The disturbing behavior in the allegations involving Judge Moore is alarming. It seems continuing his candidacy may not be in the best interest of his state or the U.S. Senate.”…

…Wicker, in a statement, said: “I don’t know what the facts are. I do know that the charges are very, very serious and if they’re true, he should do the right thing. But they’re very, very old charges. You have to ask and I think people in Alabama will be asking why this hasn’t come out in the 40 years’ time with him running for so many offices.”

McDaniel on Tuesday said: “The allegations are troubling, no question about that, and they have to be taken seriously. And yet, at the same time, they are just allegations, and in this country you are presumed innocent until proven guilty …”

Clarion Ledger