Ad running in Rankin County Newspapers

We support U.S. Senator Thad Cochran, and we hope you will join us in voting for him on Tuesday, June 3 in the Republican Primary Election.

Governor Phil Bryant
Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves
Congressman Gregg Harper
Central District Transportation Commissioner Dick Hall
Senator Dean Kirby
Representative Mark Baker
Representative Ray Rogers
Representative John Moore
Representative Tom Weathersby
Sheriff Bryan Bailey
Tax Collector Judy Fortenberry
Mayor Butch Lee (City of Brandon)
James Morris (Alderman at Large, City of Brandon)
Cris Vinson (Alderman, City of Brandon)
Harry Williams (Alderman, City of Brandon)
Lu Coker (Alderman, City of Brandon)
Bobby Christopher (Alderman, City of Brandon)
Bob Morrow (Alderman, City of Brandon)
Mayor Brad Rogers (City of Pearl)
John McHenry (Alderman at Large, City of Pearl)
Terry Ishee (Alderman, City of Pearl)
Gavin Gill (Alderman, City of Pearl)
Becky Tullos (Alderman, City of Pearl)
Casey Foy (Alderman, City of Pearl)
Mayor Gary Rhoads (City of Flowood)
Kathy Smith (Alderman, City of Flowood)
Donald Flynt (Alderman, City of Flowood)
Deron Harmon (Alderman, City of Flowood)
Kirk McDaniel (Alderman, City of Flowood)
Dusty Rhoads (Alderman, City of Flowood)
Mayor Mark Scarborough (City of Richland)
Cathey Wynne (Alderman, City of Richland)
Clay Burns (Alderman, City of Richland)
Robert Craft (Alderman, City of Richland)
Pat Sullivan (Alderman, City of Richland)
Mayor Knox Ross (City of Pelahatchie)
Jerry Norwood (Alderman, City of Pelahatchie)
Megan Hall (Alderman, City of Pelahatchie)
Mayor Pam Clark (City of Florence)
Brian Grantham (Alderman, City of Florence)
Trey Gunn (Alderman, City of Florence)
John Helms (Alderman, City of Florence)
Bobbie Moudy (Alderman, City of Florence)
Larry Poynor (Alderman, City of Florence)
Mayor Russ Espiritu (Town of Puckett)
Chancery Clerk Larry Swales
Constable Barry Bean
Constable Brad Patridge
Constable Von Brown
Superintendent of Schools Lynn Weathersby (Rankin County)
Tax Assessor John Sullivan
Supervisor Jay Bishop
Supervisor Greg Wilcox
Supervisor Walter Johnson
Supervisor Wood Brown
Supervisor Jared Morrison