USC game big for ND, even bigger for Weis

Young teams often lose games they should win and win games they should lose. Notre Dame mastered the former Saturday with a 24-23 loss to a Syracuse team that had fired its coach and had lost at least eight games for four straight seasons. The season finale at No. 5 USC offers an opportunity to accomplish the latter.

The problem is, at no time this season have the Irish looked less up to the task.
That’s the biggest cause for concern after a loss that will ensure that cries for coach Charlie Weis’ head will reach a crescendo this week. Notre Dame has regressed during the second half of the season, which it could ill afford to do coming off the worst season in the program’s history.
Weis said Sunday that his team has gone from ”crummy” last year to ”decent” this year and has a chance to be ”pretty darned good” next year.