USC has more to overcome than Washington in the 1990s
There may be no better comparison for what USC faces in overcoming NCAA sanctions than the Huskies, who in 1993 were whacked with the same bowl ban (in 1993-94) and the same scholarship hit, only over two years (1994-95).

We can’t predict how the Huskies might have reacted to the unholy liaison between Bush’s parents and agent-hopeful Lloyd Lake, but assuming that association would have taken place anyway, Neuheisel could have: a) been fired from Washington in 2003 in the basketball-pool mess; b) raked the Huskies over the coals in the infamous 2005 wrongful-termination trial that shamed just about everybody involved; and c) five years later, been a party to getting the UW in the NCAA slammer.

Ah, but that’s speculative. What we know today is that a key layer separating the Trojans from the NCAA “death penalty” the next few years is Loose Cannon Lane Kiffin, the head coach.