USC is asking for trouble by hiring Lane Kiffin to replace Pete Carroll

Well, I really have to hand it to the USC Trojans: They aren’t even faking it anymore.
They’re in it to win, everything else be damned. They don’t care what the NCAA thinks, what other schools think or what the public thinks.
The Trojans brought O.J. Mayo in to their basketball program in the most publicly illegal way possible. Their best football player of the last decade, Reggie Bush, reportedly took hundreds of thousands of dollars from a wannabe sports marketer while in school. Their best running back last season, Joe McKnight, reportedly drove a Land Rover registered to another marketer.
For years, USC has stonewalled all investigations. USC thinks the “N” in NCAA stands for “nuisance” and the other three letters aren’t worth learning.
Now, with the NCAA finally dragging its USC investigation(s) to the finish line, USC athletic director Mike Garrett just hired … Lane Kiffin.
Lane Kiffin, Mike?
What happened?
Did Barry Switzer say no?