USM may be left looking for funds

“Part of our commitment to being good stewards of taxpayer dollars was to impose a moratorium on earmarks for at least the next two years. We’re serious about cutting waste,” said Rep. Steven Palazzo, Mississippi’s newly-elected 4th District congressional representative.
Earmarks, loosely defined, are provisions in congressional spending bills allocated to specific projects, thereby by-passing executive allocation and public hearing.
“Banning earmarks alone won’t solve the debt problem, but it will help restore the people’s faith in their government,” Palazzo said.
On top of House Republicans adopting the two-year moratorium on earmarks in November, President Barack Obama’s Federal Deficit Commission also has recommended eliminating all federal earmarks.
It is unclear whether the ban will be universal for all federal projects or whether it will even stick, but the moratorium in Washington could hurt Mississippi universities more than the colleges of other states.

Hattiesburg American