According to a news release issued by Congressman Steven Palazzo, the University of Southern Mississippi’s ROTC program is safe for another two years.

Congressman Steven Palazzo (MS-04) issued the following statement following the Army’s announcement that they would be placing the University of Southern Mississippi’s ROTC program on a 2 year probationary period instead of the closure that was announced earlier this year.

“The University of Southern Mississippi is a valued partner of the Army and has been for many years. During their history they have produced numerous talented military officers and most importantly leaders,” said Palazzo in the issued statement. “The initial decision to close these ROTC programs was ill conceived and was not backed up by adequate data. I am confident the USM program will continue to produce high quality officers for our military for many years to come.”

According to the news release, Congressman Palazzo has sent multiple letters to the Secretary of the Army regarding the initial decision to close 13 ROTC programs from around the country. In his letters he challenged the Army’s decision making process and advocated specifically on behalf of the Southern Mississippi Golden Eagle Cadre.

A member of the House Armed Services Committee, a Marine Corps Veteran, and the only NCO concurrently serving in Congress and the National Guard, Palazzo is a also a graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi, according to the release.

Rep. Steven Palazzo’s Office