UT athletic director hopes to have Kiffin’s replacement named by end of weekend

KNOXVILLE — Mike Hamilton didn’t reveal any specifics.

The University of Tennessee athletic director wouldn’t talk about travel plans, didn’t describe ideal candidates and most certainly wouldn’t reveal his short list of possible replacements for former football coach Lane Kiffin.

But as the secrecy and silence swirled Wednesday around Hamilton’s second search for a coach in 14 months, at least one target was willing to step forward and admit he was involved in the process. That doesn’t make interim coach Kippy Brown more appealing than Texas defensive coordinator Will Muschamp or Air Force coach Troy Calhoun, but it did earn him distinction as the only one publicly involved in the bid to take over at UT.

“Well, I was told I am (a candidate),” Brown said. “I think that I’m a legitimate candidate for the job, I do. And the reason I say that is I’m very confident in my ability to coach, to recruit, I’ve proven that when I was here before.

“I’ve coached at Tennessee on SEC championship teams, I’ve gone into out-of-state areas and brought back All-American recruits. I’ve been there and done that, and I feel confident in my ability to get it done. Yes, I think I’m a legitimate candidate.”

Memphis Commercial Appeal