The Clarion-Ledger Editorial, 6/15/8

In both Republican and Democratic circles, the “veepstakes” – the vetting process for the selection of vice presidential running mates for Democratic nominee Illinois Sen. Barack Obama and Republican nominee Arizona Sen. John McCain – is in full swing.

For McCain and the Republicans, the tenor of the GOP veepstakes has been more along the lines of finding a vice presidential nominee that brings philosophical and geographic balance to a McCain ticket. Also on the table is the quieter subject of selecting a young, vigorous vice president to offset some nagging concerns about McCain’s age and health.

Several conservative sources – most recently The American Spectator – have touted Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour as the “odds on favorite” as McCain’s choice as vice president despite persistent and steadfast denials from Barbour. The Yazoo City former Republican National Committee chairman has maintained that he’s on “hurricane duty.”