NFL commissioner Roger Goodell may have an ally in his effort to scale back escalating rookies salaries — veteran players.

“There’s a lot of guys who have come out and haven’t done much,” says New Orleans Saints defensive end Will Smith, a first-round draft choice in 2004. “Then you have older guys who have been at the position six or seven years that’s done a lot for his team and the league … and the young guy comes in making more money than him at the position.”

Minnesota Vikings safety Darren Sharper, during a phone interview in May, acknowledged he was uncomfortable with the huge contracts top draft picks Jake Long (Miami Dolphins) Matt Ryan (Atlanta Falcons) received.

Sharper noted that contracts given to rookies ultimately impact all salaries. He also said, “When you see guys who have never taken a snap in the league make twice as much as guys who have been to three and four Pro Bowls, that’s not right.”

USA Today