Trump hails civil rights heroes, protestors show up; Mayor Flaggs glad he went

When he arrived at the museum, Trump was greeted in part by Vicksburg Mayor George Flaggs Jr., who was invited by the White House to be one of those who welcomed Trump to Mississippi.

“The White House wanted me to greet him and welcome him to Mississippi, which I did and I thought I should do as mayor the city if the opportunity presented itself to greet the President of the United States,” Flaggs said. “I am extremely glad that I did it because it required him to do some research about me and he knew of me through the research. He was very cordial and friendly and I extended the invitation to him to come to Vicksburg sometime … I let him know me and my position and put Vicksburg on the map. I think it is going to open some doors and opportunities to the White House to discuss some more pressing issues such as infrastructure and tourism.”

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