Hosemann, with record of getting things done, should be lieutenant governor

“I had a number of things I wanted to accomplish as secretary of state and we’ve gotten those started or done those,” Hosemann said, carefully crafting his response. “It’s time to look at what’s next and see if there are some other things we can accomplish.”

When it comes to the lieutenant governor’s position and the leadership in the Mississippi Legislature, there is plenty to “accomplish.”

Over the summer, during a visit with the state’s newspapers at the annual Mississippi Press Association’s Convention in Biloxi, Hosemann was far less careful with his words. He was honest, he was upset and he let everyone with a nearby recorder, sharpened pencil or functioning pen know that he was quite unhappy with the Legislature’s performance, their drastic funding cuts of crucial state programs and their inability to properly fund the state’s education system.

In short, he was mad and he let everyone know about it.

Those of us in Vicksburg know of Hosemann, his qualities and the forces that drive his life, his beliefs and his decisions.

Vicksburg Post Editorial