Vicksburg Post: Wicker wise to listen to small business operators, who are today’s job creators

During his visit, Wicker made a point of asking Golding company officials about their experience with the Affordable Care Act. Steve Golding said it has meant less broad and more expensive coverage for some in his company. Golding said, as a perk for its barge pilots, it paid their entire group medical, dental and vision insurance coverage. However, Golding said his company is no longer allowed to do that. He also said benefits for his pilots have decreased. “It has to be the same for everybody,” he said.

Wicker is wise to take the time to listen to small business owners and operators and work to lessen the burden of compliance for them when reasonable and responsible. For the foreseeable future, economists predict small businesses will be the cornerstone of our country’s economy.

Taking care of those job creators benefits us all.

Vicksburg Post