Vitale: Which league is best? This year, Big East is top dog

As I travel to various campuses to call basketball games, there is always a great discussion about which conference is the créme de la créme, the best of the best,
I hear the shouts loud and clear. The fans yell it out, “Aren’t we the best in America, Dickie V?”

When I am at a Big East school, they are screaming it out.

If you go to the ACC, Big 12, Big Ten and right down the line, they stake their claims that they are numero uno, baby!

My friends, I don’t think there is any doubt this season that number one this season goes to the Big East. From top to bottom, just like last year, it’s incredible. Night in and night out, you have to lace ’em up and play hard because there are no cakewalks on the road in league play.

Everyone knows about the heavyweights in the Big East this season. Syracuse, Villanova, West Virginia and Georgetown have really made noise. Others like Pittsburgh, Louisville, Notre Dame and, at times, Connecticut have shown signs that they can compete with the big boys.