Voter ID reaction

Soon voters may have to show their id when they go to the polls.

“We’re in the computer age. And we have so much voter fraud going on and so yes, we need that,” Natchez resident Maisie Mayberry said.

And Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann is at the forefront of this initiative. Hosemann visited Meridian last week to observe the special House District 82 election. He says while visiting precincts, several local elderly people came up to up to him and expressed how proud they were to show their ID.

“It reminded me again that Mississippians believe that your vote should only count as one. And that we ought to have the integrity of the voting system. And showing an ID is not going to disrupt anybody,” Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann said.

The issue has become a yearly debate for the state Legislature. The latest voter ID bill died in the Senate in March.