Voter turnout exceeds expectations

NATCHEZ — Despite only a few local races on the ballot, voter turnout in Adams County exceeded the expectations of election commissioners with approximately 47 percent of voters casting their ballot.

Election Commissioner Mitch Ballard said he was impressed with voter turnout. He said he anticipated a turnout between 30-40 percent because there were few local elections on the ballot.

Ballard said he believed the ballot initiatives are what brought voters to the polls.

“I think the initiatives have really fired up everyone’s interests,” he said.

Election reports show there were 9,444 votes were cast for the voter identification initiative, and only 7,846 for lieutenant governor and 6,446 for secretary of state.

Shirley McCallister of Natchez said the initiatives brought her out to the polls today and that there were no mishaps with her polling station.

Natchez Democrat