The Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal Editorial, 8/12/8

When Ronnie Musgrove wrapped up his 10 minutes at the Neshoba County Fair microphone last month, he and his wife, Melody, exited the fabled stage’s only door, then walked around and sat on the front row to hear what Roger Wicker had to say during his 10 minutes.

That’s as “face-to-face” as the contest has been to date.

The two party rivals seeking to serve the four years that will remain on former Sen. Trent Lott’s term not only look a lot alike, their issue stances have been substantially similar since both served in the Mississippi Senate years ago.

But Musgrove is a Democrat and Wicker is a Republican. Their respective party leaders at the national level have declared Lott’s seat a must-win, so the money is flowing and distinctions must be drawn.