The House Democratic Victory Political Action Committee, better known as VPAC, is up to its same old tricks trying to mislead voters, this time in House District 43.

House District 43 is currently represented by Republican Rep. Russ Nowell. Michael Evans is the Democratic challenger.

Nowell, as you may recall, switched parties earlier this year. He was quoted in The Dispatch as saying, “My friends and supporters know I’m conservative. They know I’m focused on the needs of my district…Now, my party label matches my philosophy, and my votes will always continue to match my district.”

Republicans knew House Democrats would be targeting Nowell during this election. Now VPAC has sent this mail piece to voters in House District 43:

Nowell VPAC Mailer

One would think such a hit piece would play well, what with the focus on protecting children and all – if it were true, that is.

On the bottom of side two it says “Check the facts,” so we did. Unless VPAC is operating on a different set of “facts” than we are, the Democrats are outright lying to voters in House District 43.

The Children’s Product Safety Act was before the House in 2008 as HB 1240. See here for the actually bill.

HB 1240 passed the House by a vote of 119-3… and yes, Russ Nowell was in the 119 that voted to pass the Children’s Product Safety Act. Here’s the vote:

HB 1240 Vote 2008

Governor Barbour then vetoed this bill and the veto message was sent back to the House where a vote was taken to override Barbour. The veto vote was 72-48… and Russ Nowell was in the 72 that voted to override the Governor and pass the Children’s Product Safety Act. Here’s the link to the April 9, 2008 House Journal showing the veto vote.

Someone did not do their homework on Russ Nowell… or VPAC chose to overlook the facts. Either way, it is just another example of VPAC and the Democrats misleading voters and grasping for straws as they desperately seek to hold onto power