WALL: 82 reasons why Joe Paterno will live forever

Joseph Vincent Paterno was born on this day in 1926 in Brooklyn, N.Y., but not in a manger.
This, according to handwritten records kept at a time when Woodrow Wilson was beginning to introduce Americans to the first Great Depression.
There’s no need for a new-fangled electronic number-punching gizmo to calculate out how old the Penn State coach just became.
It doesn’t matter anyway.

Paterno, who arrived in town Saturday via one of them flying machines, ready to 23 skidoo into the Rose Bowl and take on a USC team ripe for a switch to the backside, is not going away any time soon.
By our count, this whippersnapper will live forever.
Through a search of public documents, Google keystrokes and stone-carved tablets, we’ve discovered 82 reasons – one for each year of his existence so far – supporting evidence that he’s never, ever going away:
The recent developments
No. 82: