WAPO – For presidential hopefuls Daniels and Barbour, the decision-making differs

Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels and Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour have been comrades in arms in Republican politics for decades, friends who have followed similar paths. Both worked in the Reagan White House. Both had success in business before turning to elective politics.

Now, both are weighing whether to run for president in 2012. Whether they do will have a significant impact on the shape and quality of the GOP field. But they are approaching the decision in very different ways. Barbour is leaning in, showing clear interest and taking steps to get ready. Daniels is engaged in a very public discussion about what to do but otherwise is holding back.

Barbour, in an interview over the weekend during a National Governors Association meeting in Washington, said he wants to be ready to move quickly if he decides to run. “I am doing things now that are part of my decision-making process, but also that if I do decide to run, I don’t begin it from a standing start,” he said. “And I’ve been very pleased with the response. . . . What I’m asking people to do is keep their powder dry.”

Washington Post