WAPO accuses Childers of pandering w/ DC gun law, points to new legislation

The city now finds itself back at square one with voting rights and sure to face more initiatives in an election year from a newly emboldened gun lobby. Rep. Travis Childers (D-Miss.), a co-sponsor of the extreme measures rejected by Ms. Norton, said he won’t be thwarted, and he announced plans to introduce separate legislation.

That the District was willing to sacrifice a vote in Congress for the protections of its reasonable gun regulations should underscore their significance — not only for city home rule but for homeland security in the nation’s capital. We would hope that the Democrats who control both houses of Congress and the White House would recognize the importance of this issue and not — as has too often been the case — be complicit in letting the gun lobby set the agenda. In particular, it’s time for President Obama to stick his neck out and insist on fair and sensible treatment by Congress of the city in which he now resides.

Washington Post