Barbour To Iowa

Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour will make a trip to Iowa in late June, a visit sure to stoke talk of a potential 2012 bid by the Magnolia State Republican.

Barbour will headline a Republican Party of Iowa fundraiser on June 25, according to a report on the Iowa Republican blog.

Barbour’s decision to travel to the Hawkeye State indicates that rumbles that he has not ruled out a presidential bid in 2012 are justified.

Barbour allies insist that this trip is one of many he will make to states with competitive gubernatorial races in 2010 and nothing more should be read into it.

No matter what Barbour or his people say about the trip, however, always remember the Fix mantra about presidential politics: No politician — we can’t emphasize that strongly enough — goes to Iowa by accident. Doesn’t happen.


The Iowa Republican – Haley Barbour Headed Iowa to for RPI Event

The Iowa Republican has learned that Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour is coming to Des Moines to headline an event for the Republican Party of Iowa. The Republican Party has yet to release the details of this event, but it is expected to be held on Thursday, June 25th.

Just yesterday, Congressional Quarterly had an article saying that Barbour will not rule out a 2012 presidential run. Barbour was elected to a second term in 2007. Because of term limits, Barbour cannot seek a third term as governor. Barbour was the Chairman of the Republican National Committee in 1994 when Republicans captured control of both the United States Senate and House of Representatives.

Barbour is great get for the Republican Party of Iowa as he should appeal to both the moderates and conservatives of the party. Additionally, Barbour is widely praised for the way in which he dealt with Hurricane Katrina. His disaster experience could make for an interesting speech in Iowa considering that Barbour will be in the state just after the one year anniversary of the devastating floods of 2008.